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  1. Subscription of these notes is subject to the condition that these notes shall be used for personal use of the student and not for further teaching, distribution or alike without the prior written consent of CrackIAS.
  2. These notes shall not be used for reproduction through any means including photocopying; failing which the membership of the student shall be cancelled/ and further notes stopped by CrackIAS without any prior notice. Such an activity may invite a legal action from CrackIAS.
  3. Each booklet of CrackIAS carries a Unique No. which is assigned to the student at the time of dispatch. Any photocopying, reproduction found anywhere from that particular book would mean that the concerned student has violated the terms & conditions of CrackIAS, and he/she would be subject to Rule No. 2 mentioned above.
  4. CrackIAS respects group studies and infact, encourages the group-study. Any subscription by a single student for the purpose of group-study must be informed at the time of subscription itself. We have certain plans and better options available to the groups.
  5. Pattern of the present examination (for which fee back scheme is in operation) did not differ drastically from the average pattern of past 3 years.
  6. You must carry your fee receipt to be eligible for the scheme
  7. Any special offer (including money back offer) from CrackIAS is subject to following conditions:
    1. The booklets issued to the student shall be returned by him/her within one week of exam of that particular subject.
    2. The booklets shall not be torn off, mishandled, spoiled by use of pen, pencil, marker or anything of that sort.
    3. The student has not availed any further special discount on the prevailing offer.

We respect & appreciate your association with us, and endavour for your success in civil services. Please help us control piracy and make this world a great & honest place to work. We, at CrackIAS are open to your problems and suggestions. Please feel free to call us on any issue.

Looking forward for your cooperation and consideration


Gaurav Uppal, IAS (AIR-3/ 2004)
Raghuraj Rajendran, IAS (AIR-25/2003)
Ankaj Sharma, IPS/2004
Aruna Rajoria IAS, (CSE 2003)
Pradyumna P.S. IAS (CSE 2003)
Tarundeep Kaur IRS (CSE 2006)
Anupama Singla (IRS/2006)
Amit Singla (ICES/2006)
Strategy of IAS Officers for
We blasted again. 100% Qs of optionals and more than 90% in GS(M) 2008 were directly from our Notes.
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