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1. History

For the complete understanding of India's freedom struggle, NBT'S, India's freedom struggle by Bipin Chandra and Barun De's books are important and 12th class N.C.E.R.T. From the period 1939-1947, History spectrum is comprehensive,it is also helpful for specific topics such as evolution of press, education etc. This is also handy for final revision. 2 markers - needs to be focused from all the three periods- Ancient, Medieval and Modern. Now focus should be on art, culture, religion, science, rather than on political personalities.

2. Polity
For polity I had made notes from Vazi Ram material and Magazines. (Special issues of Polity). For particular topics, DD Basu is authentic and reliable book.

3. Current Affairs & Social Issues
For Current Affairs, National and Social Issues, the need is to read National Newspaper such as Hindu regularly. Issues such as child labour, gender inequality, Poverty, Problems of Senior Citizens, should be focused on, and 2 or 3 pages on each of these above topics should be prepared. For this Manorama Year Book and Yojna would be helpful.

Paper II : -

It is basically Current Affairs oriented. One should be vigilant about happenings in the world, one National Newspaper along with one Competition Magazine is necessary for clipping track of the events.

International Relations :-
For International Relations- both related to India and the world and International Politics, I had, relied on coaching class notes, but for comprehensive preparation, 12th Standard N.C.E.R.T. of Political Science - particular chapters- related to India's Foreign Policy should be focused. Manorama Year Book is very important for International Organization such as UN, Regional Organizations, Human Rights Organization etc.

Economics :-
N.C.E.R.T. 11th Standard (New) and Uma Kapila for understanding the problems of Indian Economy have been very helpful for indepth analysis of Indian Economy. For two markers - India Year Book and Pratiyogta Darpan special issues are important. The current happening can be studied through Economic survey and Newspaper.

Science and Technology -
Science and Technology from Hindu, Yojna and Vaji Ram Notes.

Statistics -
Spectrum is good. Practice last 10 year questions properly. Time management is the most important thing in Statistics.

General Studies-
Last 10 year questions should be properly studied and answers should be written for the questions which have been previously asked.

Gaurav Uppal, IAS (AIR-3/ 2004)
Raghuraj Rajendran, IAS (AIR-25/2003)
Ankaj Sharma, IPS/2004
Aruna Rajoria IAS, (CSE 2003)
Pradyumna P.S. IAS (CSE 2003)
Tarundeep Kaur IRS (CSE 2006)
Anupama Singla (IRS/2006)
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